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I'm crazy and adventurous. I'm silly && I laugh at the silliest things, I love so many people. God is my redeemer. Family and friends bring genuine joy. Like/dont like me?

Get to know meeee first. :)

Reserving myself for God's best. Time is just the element. ♥

Ps; i love skittles.


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For my true love


I do not know what the future holds or brings upon both us,

but what I really do know,

is that even though you will stop fighting for me,

caring for me and even loving me,

I will never love another girl besides YOU,

I want you to know that it WILL ALWAYS BE YOU.

No matter what happens, I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE LOVING YOU.

From your future husband:

Eric :)

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Irony :|

Irony :|

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Me :) 

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Ya. Alwaaaaaaaays :(

Ya. Alwaaaaaaaays :(

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